Yesterday I had a chance to help Elaine Plybon with my first DEN geared conference.  Yes, there was a ton of great DEN information, but also many awesome videos were shared.  I had the chance to share Kevin Honeycutt's videos, which always start a conversation!  Just by watching 20 minutes of video we had over 45 minutes of round table discussion after.  Not only did we get to watch the videos, I was able to share about Podstock.  I can make Podstock come up in any conversation :) Have you ever seen the posters that say Everything I know, I learned in Kindergarten... I feel that I use Podstock in the same way!  Everything I know, I learned in Podstock.  I have learned about the power of a pln, I have made friends that are both near and far, and so much more.  I will continue to add to the list :)

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Comment by Elaine Plybon on January 23, 2011 at 3:58pm
It was awesome! and you were awesome to come help me out on a Saturday morning! I can't wait until Talking Points 2012!

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