Everyone at Podstock did a ton of sharing, but, I doubt everybody got everybody else's handles for their Digital Footprint, so, I will start the ball rolling.  Please add yours to this discussion.  pass this on till we get everybody!
Here are mine.

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Website:  http://cyndidannerkuhn.info
Plurk/Twitter/Skype/Chat/Delicious/Diigo: cyndidannerkuhn
email: cyndidk@ksu.edu

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Plurk jeffwj
email johnstonjeffw@gmail.com
Kay Good
Library Media Specialist at Tescott
http://tescottlmc.wetpaint.com/ - school library site, but now advertising so am changing to
Plurk and Twitter - precious3591
Skype: klgood
email: kgood@tes.usd240.k12.ks.us
Bill Kenney
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrksroom/
Blog: http://www.blogger.com/home?pli=1
Plurk: bud915 (currently "Buds-a-bloomin")
Skype/Twitter/Diigo/Delicious: bakenney

professional email: bakenney@episd.org
my Plurk name is: stevh
my twitter name is shemphill13

Really did enjoy PodStock. All of your enthusiasm was great.

Beth Dobler

Plurk: bdobler
Aaron Maurer
Twitter: Coffeechugbooks
blog: www.coffeeforthebrain.blogspot.com
Coffeechug and his Little Lattes Global Center wiki: coffeechug.wikispaces.com
Coffeechug and his Little Lattes Contraption wiki coffeechugcontraptions.wikispaces.com
Email: aarmau@gmail.com

Really can't wait to join everyone this summer for Podstock11! :)

Jill Bromenschenkel

Plurk/Twitter/Skype = JillBromen
email = jillbromen@gmail.com
Delicious = jbromen8
Facebook page= http://tiny.cc/FBConnect


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