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Hi Katie,
For elementary kids, do you set up Google accounts? I thought kids had to be 13 ( to have a Google account, so I have not encouraged our elementary teachers to set up student accounts. You probably addressed this in your session, but I couldn't make it to the conference :-( Thanks!
Here is my presentation for Who Does Robotics? WeDo! and for the session: Podcasting: The World IS Your Stage!
Designing Highly Engaging Digital Lessons
Incorporating technology in the classroom effectively, teachers must use those strategies that are directly aligned to practices that engage students in higher levels of direct learning and the development of critical thinking skills. This Podstock presentation on July 16th is designed as an inquiry-oriented format which will provide information on Web 2.0 digital tools that will enable educators at all levels to create 21st century learning environments. Prestation Slides will also be available at (
Here is my handout. I'm bringing 20 copies, as well.
Create, Collaborate & Communicate
We hear this, but what does it really mean? Find out how to infuse 21st century skills into your curriculum using the web tools Wallwisher and VoiceThread as a way to engage, connect and build relationships with other classrooms and teachers down the hall…or from across the globe! Learn how in this hands-on session that includes lots of examples and activities that are ready to implement right away!

Attached are the handouts. I'll be bring 30 copies, too.

Session website:
Session: Making Moodle Meaningful for Digital Students - Rosemary Miller

Okay, all you Moodle Maniacs! Log on to this Moodle learning page using the username and password you were given in the workshop, OR you may log in with the username of guest1, guest2, guest3, guest4, guest 5, or guest6 and the password podstock.

Two handouts are provided here as well. Feel free to email me at or on Plurk as RosemaryM.
Here's the handout for my session on podcasting, Yakity-Yak - Do Talk Back!
You can find my two sessions "Virtual Connections" and "Digital Storytelling: Celebrate Kansas Voices (w/Cyndi Danner-Kuhn) livebinders containing resources in the blogs or by selecting these two links: (Digital Storytelling CKV) (Virtual Connections)
Notes and Thoughts from my presentation -- Thank you so much for the collaborative conversations.


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